Cutting Edge Coding, Inc.

SQUID Check Print Verification System offers print & verification of
barcodes printed on your cases, trays, and pipe, etc.

The System utilizes barcode readers from Cognex, one of the world’s most
trusted and reliable Industrial Barcode Reader Companies.

Performance Data is captured, stored, and can be transferred to your
business systems for evaluation.

Depending on your needs, you can receive images and feedback of each and
every code or just the errors.

Code failures can be rejected as desired from a simple beacon indicator
light to a pneumatic kicker system depending on your budget.

This helps facilitate better packaging line efficiencies, less waste due to
rework, and can help prevent fines and compliance issues with your
distribution or retail partners.

The SQUID Check System gathers valuable data from reader and printer
performance. This information automatically catalogues each code. By
analyzing data trends, users can identify issues due to poor printer set up
and / or maintenance to help improve the overall performance and life span
of your equipment.

Download Squid Check-Brochure