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...for all of your Marking, Coding, & Packaging needs
...for all of your Marking, Coding, & Packaging needs


With over 25 years of experience in the marking, coding, and packaging industries, here at Cutting Edge Coding, Inc. we take great pride in providing our customer’s with the solutions they require.

Whether you are a small business starting out, still pre-printing and hand applying your 4″ x 6″ shipping carton labels, and you just landed that great customer at a Trade Show or have a 5,000 square foot production floor and now need to increase speeds with a laser date coder.

We are here to listen, ask questions, and recommend a cost effective solution based on your budget.

Let’s sit down and discuss what your production needs are now, where you expect to be in a year, and where you forecast them to be in 5 years.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Customer Case Study

I have a small business; we manufacture a Food Product.

I have (4) Four Employees making $14.00/hr x 8 hours a day. We have a 5 day work week.

We are currently pre-printing a 4"x6" Label from a Table Top Printer and Hand Applying (1) One Label per shipping Case.

With a Date Code Sticker Gun, we currently put a BB/MA Date Code on each Product by Hand.

We are currently Hand Taping our Cartons.

At this time we produce and package about a skid a day.

We just worked a Food Trade Show and will be getting a New Customer ... Great News... however, we will now grow from (1) One Skid per day to (7) Seven Skids per Day and possibly more.

I can't afford expensive equipment at this time, should I hire more people.

Recommendation & Solution

At this time, you are paying (4) Four Employees $14.00/hr x 8 hours a day with a 5 day work week.
Cost / Day = 4 x $112.00 = $448.00
Cost / Week = $448.00 x 5 = *$2,240.00 for (4) Four Employees*

Rather than waste money on more people, an option to consider for a New & Growing Company is to Lease.

Benefits of Leasing are you pay the Leasing Company 1st and last months deposits only to acquire the Equipment and it's 100% tax deductible. You still deal directly through Cutting Edge Coding, Inc for inks, parts, and service. Always go with the Buy Out Option so you own the Equipment after your lease is over.

The (4) Four Year Lease with the Buy Out Option works out to cost approx $250.00/month for every $10K of Capital Equipment.

Therefore, let's say you automate with a Vibration Free Conveyor, CoPilot Case Code Printer, a Streamline 5 Date Code Printer, and a Taper.

For Ball Park Purposes - all of the above costs say $39,000.

You say, wow I can't afford that ...

However, since you will be automating, now you will only need 2x Employees This means you would save 1/2 the Salary costs or approx $1,120.00/week noted above

To Lease $39,000 in Capital Equipment with a (4) Four Year Lease and Buy Out Option would cost approx $975.00/Month

You would obtain Savings in (2) Two Areas

1. With your same Cash Flow - Salary of 2x Employees = $1,120.00 x 4 weeks per month = $4,480.00 LESS Lease Payment = $4,480.00 - $975.00 = *$3,505.00 Additional Cash Flow by Leasing*

2. Secondly you would save about 90% in consumable Costs The approx cost for a 4"x6" Paper Label and Ribbon is about 5 Cents The cost to print directly on the Case with the CoPilot Printer will be approx 1/2 of a Penny

Bonus... and you will save by running more efficiently, the less number of times you touch the carton, the more profit you are making.

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